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Residential Lock & Key Solutions

Tommy Locksmith is the expert in residential door and lock services – from personal residence to rental properties – providing services for single-family homes and multi-family dwellings in an emergency or by appointment.

Full-Range Services
house key

We provide a full range of services for your home and

  • Unlock your home or a room in your house
  • Replace lost or stolen keys
  • Repair or replace interior or external locks and handles
  • Install pick-proof deadbolts
  • Rekey existing locks for access with one key
  • Cut new keys for your existing locks
  • Create master keys to access different locks
  • Install screen and garage door locks
  • Access high security safes or vaults
  • Install keyless entry systems
  • Security inspection / consultation of locks
  • And more…

Visit our Contact Us page or call (727)755-3975 now for a free quote.

Prices Start at $65*

Service Fee
$ 15 one-time / per visit


Lockout Assistance
$ 50 and up / per lock*


Key Extraction
$ 65 and up / per lock*


Lock Repair/Service
Call, will need more info*


Lock Rekey
Starting at $29 / per lock*


Lock / Handle Installation
Contact for appt./quote*


Key Replacement / Cutting
Most keys at your location*


Key Cutting / Duplication
Most keys at your location*


Keyless Entry Installation
Starting at $ 250 / per door*

* Part and service prices will vary based on lock manufacturer (make / model), door type, and key, lock, or door condition.


Q: Can you put a pin pad lock on my front door?
A: Yes we can get many different types and finishes of pin code locks. We can even install biometric locks for your home, for example, thumbprint or eye scan.

Q: I just moved into a new place. Can I get new locks in case somebody still has a key?
A: You may not need new locks, if the locks match the same key. We can usually just rekey the locks to work with a new key. It’s a cheaper option. If you want new locks we can replace the current locks with new locks or even better upgrades.

Q: Why do the locks on some of my doors take a key on both sides?
A: Do the doors with those locks on them have a window in them, or within reaching distance, because that is what they are usually for. So someone cannot just break the window and reach in to turn the lock. If they do not have a window on or near the door, then whoever put them in either got a good deal on it and just wanted to use the lock, or didn’t realize what it was for when they bought and installed it. Be wary of using them where they are not needed, they can be a risk. Leave a key in them (on the inside), or on a hook near them that children and adults can reach in case of fire. Always go over a good fire escape plan/ fire drill with your family.